Travel Information

All you need to know to make this a trip of a lifetime.

Fares are correct as at Feb 1 2017.  Fares are not increased for any reason once full payment has been received.
As well as great value for money fares we offer:

  • loyalty bonuses for past passengers, from $30 to $400 per person
  • significant early bird savings for passengers who book early or book and pay early
  • special (reduced) fares on particular departures for all passengers regardless of when they booked
  • last minute fares on particular departures, applicable to new bookings only

What is included

  • Air fares, ship or rail travel as per itinerary (including taxes)
  • Comfort-plus coach travel
  • Quality “comfort plus” accommodation – 3.5 to 5 star
  • Admittances
  • Gratuities (overseas trips)
  • Metropolitan home pick up and return for Melbourne departures.
  • Pre holiday transfers and accommodation (if needed) included in non Victorian fares
  • All meals including cooked breakfast, light lunch, 3 course with choices or a la carte dinner, most morning and afternoon teas as per itinerary.

No Hidden Surprises, No Unknown Costs!